All Plants! Waistline Friendly V E G E T A B L E Hot Pot Is A Delish Low Calorie Meal Quick & Easy To Make. Add Seasonings, Flour To Thicken Sauce Prior To Oven.

Healthy Food Cost Less

Simple Exercises With Weight- Lunges, Squats, Planks, Step- Tones & Firms The Body.

Are you one of the New Year resolutionists at the gym geared up ready to workout excess weight piled on over the festive period? Good luck with whatever you're doing to a trim new you! While you're journeying to workout what works for you, spare a thought for an alternative healthy approach that will cost you very little yet effective if not more effective than joining expensive gym.   

'My' Waist Before Childbirth Stretched It Down South! 😅

Exercise & Healthy Food Combo Is The Key To Fitness

Surprise! Not Many Knew I'm Qualified In Advanced Fitness

Exercise shouldn't always be tedious and tiring. A simple long brisk walk ( an evening stroll don't count!), a run round the park is rcommended 30 to 90 mins three times a week will surely make a difference. 









If You Eat Very Little Meat like I Do

Milk Is A Source Of Protein.

To avoid protein deficiency in your food intake supplement with the following plant-based meat alternatives:

  • Oily fish
  • Eggs, Cheese, Milk, Yogurts
  • Pulses- Beans, Peas, & Lentils

Plank Exercise Tones the Body- Core, Abdomen, Arms, Legs & Strengthens The Spine And Improves Posture.

Swiss Ball Also Targets The Core