Alternative Exercises You Will Enjoy


My paternal grandmother Mma Eyulor whom I have celebrated hugely in my two books had the physique of an Amazon queen modern day fitness enthusiasts will subscribe to expensive gym membership. All thanks to farming and long distance trek/walk to and fro from the farm. She died at 94 years old. She has never seriously fallen ill or admitted in the hospital. Walk, run and trek regularly. Exercise keeps you alive longer.   

H O U S E W O R K 

Split domestic chores between you and househelps. Be part of housekeeping. Do yourself the favour or you miss out on opportunity to workout. Pound that yam, hover the floor, make bed - as a rule nobody cleans my bedroom, go near my bed except me. Wipe off the cobwebs, bend down sweep the floor. Little wonder you can't shift the excess weight if you're not doing any of these simple domestic chores.  

 S E X E R C I S E 

Not exactly jumping from the ceiling land on the bed! I've seen all sorts on the internet mbok. God help us!  If you have the stamina ride on! Good cardiovascular exercise that increases the heart rate though the rider benefits most, burn more calories. If he dies, he dies.  

S W I M M I N G 

Unless you're like me who can't swim- that repetitive strong strokes improve muscle strength, tone and firm the whole body. Best exercise ever! Highly recommended for young and old. 

D O G  W A L K I N G 

Dog owners and their pets are often seen at the parks, fields and woodlands running chasing each other enjoying freedom of open air. What a great family fun exercise dog walking is. 

D A N C I N G 

Even a left footer enjoys dancing. Try Nigerian music maestro Shina Peter dance moves- bend down gently gyrate your waist downward and upward. Yesooooo! Break dance, salsa, quick step, hold me tight are dance moves to keep fit and healthy that will definitely put a smile on your face. 


Health Is Wealth


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