My Daughter's Friend Baked This Cake For My B'Day!

Why I Loathe Supermarket Self Service Till

These tills have taken away jobs. The multiple times we have bleeped through, shop workers positions are under review for replacement. Their services may not be needed and might get replaced in 6 months or so by machines. LIDL and POUNDLAND tills are rapidly replacing manned tills with self-service. These stores are playing Russian roulette with people’s livelihood. Banks and few other businesses over the years have transitioned from serving staffs to online business where customers log in and process transaction and payment.

A rude overzealous Nigerian shop worker was so vexed ‘madam u’ve been coming here…do…DIY payment wiv dis self-service till……hep ur’sef’ ..was her diatribe when I feigned ignorance. She zoomed in smacked her thick glossy lips….’u orways want us to hep u…..dis is self-service till’. I stood there unperturbed like dumb Dorothy! Why should I serve myself? I may have to go to another branch for fear of further confrontation with this outspoken Nigerian till supervisor.

The time she spent barking orders at me could have been better served in a manned till save us all the aggravation. NEXT! She announced while I struggled to wade my way for the next customer, an elderly Jamaican lady pushing Granny trolley on my foot with street rhetoric…’U…. finis?’ And that familiar ‘unexpected item in the bagging area’ – consumer unfriendly phrase every shopper hate!  

The 1st Supermarket Self Service Check-out Was Installed In New York in 1992 By Howard Schneider.       

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My Daughter's Friend Who Baked This Cake Also Made Her Wedding Cake. Y U M M I L I C I O U S.

Excerpt From My Book EAT WITH PLEASURE-Celebration Of Food(2017)

IRI-JI 'New Yam' Festival In London

My friend Mrs Onyema couldn't reach me last week to attend Igboland New Yam Festival in north London. Regrettably, a missed opportunity for blog update. I look forward to next year and mustn't miss it.    

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