D I A B E T E S- Revisited 

Please see email I received from Jenn Miller- New Zealand Diabetes Research programme. The content is self explanatory__ hopefully a collaboration to write a book on how to manage diabetes better with the right diet is in the pipeline. In my own case, from African perspectives about our staple diet on nutrition and wellness. 

I am in touch with Jenn Miller; an axiom to share common knowledge for greater heights. I will keep you posted with regular updates. Type 2 Diabetes is reversible if it is properly managed and shouldn't be a killer disease. People are dying needlessly. I've lost family members to this disease and more family and friends are suffering from it. Type 2 diabetes is caused by poor lifestyle choice we make. I will talk more on this, Meanwhile, please revisit my previous post CLICK ME for details.


Akon Margaret Kalu         


Jenn Miller Has Requested That I Share Her Mail On My Blog

Let Good Food Be Your Medicine With ORGANIC 'PAW PAW' ( papaya)

 Jenn Miller Can Be Contacted On Her Website: