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Moving Forward To 2019  

  • This is a very anxious time to wrap up 2018 in preparation for 2019. Who knows what the year has in store for each and everyone of us. Not much will change on the blog while we keep on feeding you with trending food news with critical approach yet engaging topics across a broad range of subject areas.
  • I will focus more on supermarket flaws and reasons why consumer's preference for large supermarkets has fallen while convenience stores (ALDI & LIDL) are becoming popular including  'bend-down' a.k.a £1shops.
  • I still believe very little is written or known about African food hopefully my websites are useful tools to communicate share knowledge of these mouth-watering African recipes food lovers don't often read about. Indeed, 2019 will herald the ongoing crusade, send powerful message a game changer that will revolutionise African food heritage in years ahead!  I want to take my writing to the next level as magazine food writer, copywriter, and freelance writer with focus on African food. You rarely read about African staple foods: plantain, yam, cassava, bitter leaf, and pumpkin leaf in mainstream magazines as if these foods don't exist. Food lovers need to explore my indigenous Nigerian and West African recipes, retrain their palate to savour new flavour.
  • I will make frequent visits to food and book festivals, talk to people at the local markets around London; anywhere could well be Portobello market to Green Street market in east London, Dalston market, East Street market in Walworth road meet my Sierra Leone lady friend who sells the best palm oil in London and Peckham markets in south London get my native Oron crayfish from Chioma. And Agege bread at the top end as the market stretch inward. It really annoys me when I see fake and genuine palm oils juxtaposed on the shelves. Ask the traders to show you the real palm oil so you get your money worth. Don't go back to food stores where 'redneck lie-lie' dishonest owners can't provide adequate customer care. Where you're likely to be down by a £1 or so on your change at worst slip old pound coins novice shoppers with untrained eyes get conned!  Do they ever get  those large commercial refrigerators cleaned? Burial ground for expired foodstuffs!

  • So I'm really excited to share more indigenous food culture of these communities as featured in my books and on my websites. I don't just sit indoors and write, I mobilise communities, source out literary contents for blog update, mobilise local farmer's markets take photos with stall owners  share their food stories on my websites.

     · Food is now 21st century phenomenon. And I am loving the ever changing trend so called 'food revolution' where pop culture-TV, newspapers, magazines have now joined in the food debate how it affects our health and our environment. Food is no longer women's terrain shared in the kitchen but a genre that cuts across popular culture and beyond.   

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      My book My African Restaurant Adventure-Branding Afro Flavour (2018) is a narrative based on personal research findings that translated into a book; challenges African restaurant owners in London are still facing.

    I share family meal plans in my debut book Eat with Pleasure- celebration of Food (2017) and trending food news that inspires anyone interested in African recipes.

    My books and blog posts are accurate well-informed platforms readers and consumers can easily relate with. I get incredible vibes posting food stories, snooping around reading other food blogs comparing recipes. When you see food photos screaming 'eat eat eat me! What do you do? Rush to rustle up a quick meal? That's how addictive powerful image of food can grab you!


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