The 10 Commandments Of Cell Phone Etiquette

-Video call is ideal for lovers, close friends and family but can be intrusive when someone unfamiliar surprises you.

-Put-on-hold-call is rude and unacceptable- End the call with an apology if you may, don't waste people's time   -   

-Wizkid, Davido and Drake could be your favourite ringtone, but may not be everyone's cup of time, unlikely to appeal to everyone. Turn down the volume on your phone earplug. 

-Nobody wants to hear their private chats put on loud speakers, seemingly indirect abuse of confidentiality for the person on the other side of the conversation.

-Respect family mealtime so phones should be on mute monitor or switched off if it is a very busy line excuse yourself,leave the room, take the call outside. Don't sit there chat away rudely.  

-Don't text and drive same time unless you are inviting an early death, ask for deathwish. Use bluetooth wisely. 

- Persistent callers- When you called severally followed by text messages/reminders for me to pick my calls. Not nice just need to stop.

- Be sympathetic to elderly people talking loud on the phone who are probably unaware of their loud phone chats as some could have hearing aid, deaf and other disabilities/impairments.