Cover With Foil When It Is Ready For Oven In Medium Heat Approx 2hrs


My Signature Brazen BRAISED BEEF

This braised beef will melt in your mouth like butter. Bought in ICELAND supermarket at just £6.50 weighs 600g enough to feed family of four not counting greedy double rationers! You don’t have to break the bank or shop in high end supermarkets to get good quality beef! Remember most food items come from same farm and factory only difference is the company label so no big deal.

Get the beef nicely marinated with seasonings- I mean give it a gentle massage with your favourite spices and herbs then leave it to rest in the middle of the oven tray while you prepare accompanying veggies and more spices and seasonings.  You see Braised Beef shouldn't make a lone journey to the oven so it really needs plenty company to enrich flavour, give it additional colour and texture to look good on presentation. Nobody wants to be served boring bland dish.



  • ·        3 medium or 2 large onions diced
  • ·        Organic Glove garlic- grated
  • ·        Organic ginger-grated
  • ·        Carrot- diced
  • ·        Beef stocks
  • ·        Mushrooms
  • ·        Lemon juice
  • ·        ½ glass red wine (cooking wine please!)
  • ·        Pepper- scotch bonnet -Africans like their hot chillies- a must in cooking!
  • ·        1tspn demerara brown sugar optional- use raisins full of natural goodness
  • ·        Add butter
  • ·        Natural cashew nut, almond, peanuts to maximise texture after all Chinese, Mediteranean, Asian Baltic dishes are enriched with nuts!

Bang in everything with the BRAISED BEEF taking centre stage while waiting to welcome its  additional guests I mean additional ingredients. Give the beef a full body massage again before facing his demise in the scorching oven granted you’ve already set the oven preheated before now. You can have it with roast, boiled, sautéed potatoes, rice, plantain and yam. Who says it must be eaten the European way? You’ll thank me later for this absolute tasty rich delish dish.


2hrs in the oven in medium heat

(unless your oven is like my mum's that’s older than my youngest sister Nsa) then allow additional time.


My Brunch. Didn't Fancy Brekkie So Here We Go! Wait Till U C My Large Dinner!

Turn Leftover To The Next Family Meal! 

I made a nice simple brunch with last nite leftover and save some pennies. Use as sandwich fillers. Tastes amazing. 

My other half wasn't having any 'rabbit food'  _____ repeat of last nite meal. HmmmmmmCrying. Just drink garri and sugar ___abi? 


My CALL OUT This week!

3 People I Won't Save From DROWNING 

  • Mobile Phone Companies that talk to you as if you're either stupid or deaf
  • Banks
  • Iife insurance & Pension Brokers

 'Wetin de mata' .....(what's the matter?) my Sierra Leaone lady friend would say in broken pidgin english. Well, I spent 2 hrs on the phone with some hopeless bank____that's just about it. I rest my caseWild.