8 Major Benefits Of Being A Food Blogger

Blogging hasn’t been smooth sailing for me yet beneficial in turning what was initially a hobby to almost a career. Let me share my personal experience hopefully it will inspire someone somewhere. Indeed, the challenges are many but the benefits are positive and progressive and will make you a better writer, author and a food blogger.

You're The Boss

The decision maker, in charge of creative design, features and content editor. You have the first and the last word, just you and your PC. You don't get help leaving just you and your thoughts. Help will come when you grow bigger ready to employ assistant/s until then you're on your own. Few close friends know I get up 4:00am everyday to write, my ME time without unnecessary distractions.  

Be Dedicated

Put your heart and soul into it like your life depends on it. I don’t sit at home writing. I mobilise street markets, farmer’s markets, supermarkets/superstores, landscapes, book and food festivals where I talk to people, make real connections and contacts when everyday experience could be different from other days.  This is how blog content the real story is garnered. I will share videos when my audience are ready after blog revamp in 2019.

Be Creative

My blog is my space and my vocal platform. A writer works with words that mould and shape them to express every action. Be wise with words. Words are powerful tools use them wisely to target and connect with SEO (Search Engine Optimiziation). Also, that pretty-picturesque design took a while to master a near perfect finish. Be a computer know-how. Thankfully I'm pretty smart using PC advanced apps and tools tech. As a newcomer, don’t feel too intimidated sooner you’ll learn by your mistakes. Indeed, blog domain can be intimidating for newcomers. Browse social media platforms for trending news. Ensure your URL is registered on Google. And read----- read and forever read to be a stronger writer. You’ll be loss for words without book-related memory.   

Be Patient         

It takes months and years to familiarise with blogging; won’t happen overnight. Expect very offensive and below the belt criticisms from twerps who can’t wait to criticise or put you down. Focus on the objectives of the blog and your newsfeed.

Digital War     

Blogging is 21st century phenomenon many have dabbled in and failed before it even took off.  There’s fierce competition to monetize it via subscriptions. To excel, you must find a niche and make a difference. I believe I’ve virtually capitalised a market, the product being African food exclusively showcase on my blog and exemplary in my books in ways only very few writers I’ve attempted. That I would say is my niche.  

Be Passionate

Blog is where you show case your passion. Need I tell you more how I’ve enjoyed this incredible journey in the food realm? I’ve made friends across the globe who’ve written fabulous letters share my passion. I’ve had freebies/gifts from companies. I’ve exchanged warm and welcoming letters from old and new bloggers across the globe. I’ve been invited to food blogger’s conference abroad, a great opportunity to network that’s why 2019 is already an exciting year with great prospects. However, in this business when you critique, you have to be careful keep your eyes wide open and watch your back.     

Professional at Your Best   

All photos, images, GIF visual displays on the blog should be sharp bold and presentable. You must know how to use your camera get the best shots for perfect finish photos. I take all my photos, create all my designs and write ups without any help. Nobody has my password. For now, it is just me and my blog.


Encourage blog readers to leave feedbacks and comments however make good use of vital tools and apps to control unwanted unfriendly aggressive comments from internet trolls. I've handled quite a few, I know when to mute and unmute certain people who left rude comments on my blog.  



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Another Positive Feedback From Blog Guest RONNY FAVEL. Thank You.

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