Are Nigerian Career Women Too Powerful To Handle?

I announced that I will start FEMINISM weekly series from next week sharing different topics including one-on one interview how women balance career and home commitment.
I am very excited to announce that I have few lovely ladies lined up willing to share their thoughts on this subject.

Better still, the first interview will see me in good company of my beloved daughter Nnenna. Yes! My daughter is willing to open up talk through her personal experience as a wife, mother, her legal career with different legal and financial institutions in London Canary Wharf. The challenges are huge when you work long hours in the office or plug in work from home, though flexible, many career women are still struggling balancing career and home.

Women with insatiable appetite to succeed aim for contentment at home and in workplace only when they have the necessary resources in place to eliminate setbacks. Overall, the challenge lies in getting all the coping mechanisms to flourish effectively. Yet, many career women are still struggling as illustrated in many areas of feminist discourse. You will see how I have used different narratives in my new book (commissioned-coming out soon) to drive home my points.

I didn't just get up start writing about FEMINISM (unlike some!) without a background knowledge of the genre. Indeed, as a social science graduate, I've delved too much on this subject and can authoritatively give a genuine insight how (feminist) gender role has evolved over the decades. My focus though is on African feminism (ties with patriarchy and tradition /culture) its overall impacts. I want ladies to tell us how they feel btw spending time in the kitchen and the office, to stretch it loosely.
This is going to be interesting, and will run for a while. Please stay tuned.

❤️Akon Margaret Kalu ❤️

Sunday, 31 January 2021