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US based global renowned Goodreads is bringing my books to a whole new audiences-bloggers, reviewers, readers around the world. It is about spreading the word where it matters in the book world. 

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Blog News Update

I haven't been feeling too well lately. I had food poison from some dodgy restaurant cooked meals. I am on the mend now. That's not the blog update!😜

Upcoming FEMINISM interview is still work in progress, delay due to Covid-19 pandemic protocols in using office space. The long awaited exclusive first interview with my daughter is now delayed. She works from home so I can't visit her due to UK strict covid household restrictions. The other lady on the interview list caught covid and is recovering meaning I can't contact her either. See how everything is pear shaped, nose down👇. I won't even think of risking my health sneak around like most people are doing, count me out. There's always a PLAN B. Stay positive, stay safe.