Feminists Are Not Bra-Burning Haters

Congratulations to our very own Mrs Ngozi Okonjo-iweala newly elected World Trade Organisation boss. Most importantly, first woman director general. Better still, an African woman to occupy such prestigious post.

Comments From Facebook


   "Truly, I love  the emphasis you made about some women being comfortable with playing the roles expected by a patriarchal society because they enjoy but those who do not want to be tied to strict expectations and are shattering boxes for fresher alternatives should be given a break from all the gospel of embracing perspectives that do not suit their personalities and vision for life."

 I for one always remind some African men who make it as a point of duty to express how much they'll love their wives to cook for them that I'll love my husband to cook for me as often as he may imagine that I could cook for him😆

You handled this topic from a very interesting perspective. I love it!

................ Nkaiso Asikpo