See Why Polygamy Is Problematic In Africa

I came across a post on this topic by a woman advocating for men to marry 3 wives! You often see these people on social media desperate to post anything for LIKE COMMENT SHARE. Anything to drive traffic hence why I didn't pay too much attention to it.

While I like to say that women in polygamous relationship don't have strong bond with their husbands. I mean it is a fallacy to have any kind of closeness exclusively with a man you're sharing with other women. Such nonsense. 😎

Probably why loyalty and faithfulness cannot compromise in polygamy. How does bedtime rota work? Does it mean these wives can't be helped when they feel abi nah 'horny' or honey-just have to wait for their turns? Contemporary enlightened women don't fit in here while these men feel pompous, self-aggrandized, proud as a peacock. Men proudly decorating their both arms with trophy wives. Late Abiola did. Alafin Of Oyo has had a fair share of such decoration. Who are these women? 

A guy well known in London party scene was often seen with his 2 wives wearing the same attire such that attracted few raised eyebrows on the dance floor. Can any woman feel comfortable I mean sincerely happy with this sort of polygamous arrangement? And dont come tell me I am lucky that I am married. I have never been desperate for marraige, instead it has always been the other way round. 


Urbane educated co-wives are married to rich affluent men to upgrade their social and economic status, a safe haven from unmarried single status. 

Time has changed. In Africa, 60 yrs or perhaps beyond, it worked in rural traditional setting when polygamous men married 3-4 wives, have many kids to work labour intensive farming, cattle rearing etcs. A move from rural to urban town weakens makes it almost unattainable, perhaps unattractive. Essentially, certain traditions and cultures should be left to die out. Ideally, husband and wife strong bond works in monogamy.

It cannot work in polygamy when they are unlikely to satisfy 2-3 wives sexually, perhaps add financially. She might be tempted to look outside her marriage  for those pressing needs she can't get in the marriage (allegedly) as commonly observed in contemporary society. Again, don't come for me unless you've not been reading trending  DNA news.    


Men Are Polygamist By Nature 😜

Dem Neva beat am well well ooo😜😜😜😜

A viral video of polygamous husband beaten by his wives clearly jealous and frustrated by their husband's favourite, youngest wife. Sexual fulfilment and financial stability are vital in sustaining polygamous family. In Africa, a man with several wives is unlikely to fulfil such emotional needs where they pale in comparison with the rich Arabs often seen with their equally rich wives in tow. Yet, wealth won't  compensates sexual deprivation. 

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" sincerely when some people cannot accept the fact that times have changed and that they need to become flexible enough as well as realistic with what can work abd produce great resulta in the 21st century, I pity them.

Polygamy has too many disadvantages and was structured to suit men years ago. That time is over now, let's accept the truth and stop doing everything unnecessary to please men's ego.

If one woman says she wants to marry three husbands now, they'll start crying.🤣""


.... ""interesting that anyone should think this way. There's a lot of  jealousy, poisoning, witches killings in any polygamous home. Children are marked and deeply affected by this and some women are quietly unfaithful. So, who really wins? No one! Stupid ego! Generation of destruction. It doesn't work!!!🤔😳😨"