Dress : ITUEN BASI, V. Island, Lagos

.......... "let me find out from my husband first.... "

Women who put themselves in power control situation are unconsciously allowing men to play alone take advantage of their already dire situation.

......" I dont know if my husband will like it..ooo" ...

The poor man might not even expect to be asked for his approval. Stop disturbing him. 

.."ehhh  let me ask my oga first".

More often men don't expect you to ask, such approval is unnecessary so stop asking. Occasionally ask out of mutual respect for each other ensure UNCONSCIOUS BIAS don't work against you.

As said in my previous posts, I have many topics on this subject to share with you in the coming weeks that will mainly cover CRITICAL APPROACH TO FEMINISM. My usual pragmatic way to de-construct feminist failure - address many intersectional issues in many homes and the wider society.

Meaning I'll take a critical approach - African feminists reluctance to address disturbing issues faced by girl-child underage househelp who babysits kids young as the "" childlike" unpaid househelp these women hire. 

Househelp that works 24/7 without break! Often abused, raped by their randy husbands and older male children right under their nose. How can you include girl-child exploitation in vital discussion when you cannot protect the most vulnerable member of your household and the society at large?

Such domestic abuse remains irrelevant in vital discussion and debate to avoid tarnish family image. My honest take is to make the conversation inclusive and transparent because girl-child, woman is worthy of respect and protection from the oppressor/abuser. Wives should keep regular checks on their randy husbands. Sex abuse is rife in many homes. Servant quarter is a sex den for abusers. Women should do regular surprise visits check for any sign of illegal underage sex.

Protect the girl-child, protect your home turning to whore House when it is exposed to illegal sexual activities. Elleviating sex abuse is a critical feminist issue. Act now. 

Feminist debates should cover vital intersections-child labour, domestic abuse, low pay, tribalism experienced by marginalised majority in low paid domestic help in many households in Africa. Erasure is not equality. 

Enough of this pretense. 😎

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.... "Women are too tied to the opinions of their husbands, when these men would take most decisions without even caring what the wifehinks yet these women pride themselves in consulting them as Chief Priests in the village for the most common things that one should be able to make a choice about personally."


" Some wives do not have a genuine personality outside the shadow of their husbands and it's sad because it affects them more deeply than that can understand or even admit wholeheartedly."

........." The irony is that your partner could die at any time without any pre- notice, so you shouldn't lose or suspend yourself, critical thinking and decision making skills just because you're married. 😪"