Life In The Media

Who could have thought that our world will change by small electronic gadgets. A phenomenal change our whole wide world is accessible by the click or press of a button via a small television-like screen smart phone. Voyeuristic colourful sharp len takes us to people's home and life via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Zoom, Reddit, LinkedIn. 

You are 'tripping', 'scrolling', 'streamline', 'cruising', 'sliding into DM' - 21st century online phrases opinions on news, gists are expressed on a thread (meaning replies to a single post! 😜) 

Old fashioned newspapers and magazines trail behind despite attempt at going online amid stiff competition while the small gadget in our hands reigns supreme gives us easier access and convenience than opening a newspaper or magazine to read. Don't bother arguing with the older aging generation like me who might not agree totally, cast the blame on their varifocal weak retina. Understandably, tiny little screen can't be of much use for poor eye sight! 

Switch platforms stay tuned watch events, gossips to kill time, boredom, insomnia. To save time writing long sentences, colourful cheerful emojis, GIFs come to the rescue, say more than words.

Lovey dovey red love heart ♥️ brings on the smile, gladdens the heart. Wipes away tears. Yellow flashy toothy smile 😁😀 lightens the mood. Sad moments sombrely expressed 😭😢. Not long before someone sends cheeky naughty 😂😅jokes quickly put the smile back! 

Imagine life without our smart phone, PC, yet I absolutely detest ZOOM and intrusive live video calls from people who follow trend blindly without respect for people's privacy. I've lost countless times I've switched off people making live video calls to me who can't respect my privacy. Please people respect boundaries. I guess it is a case of winsome losesome.

I pick and choose what tickles my fancy, suits my lifestyle and persona. I see no need getting foot-loose, fancy free follow trend blindly, I mean addiction can mess up your mental health. Indeed, social media can be detrimental to your health. Always take a break from it while you enjoy the good bad and ugly side to it. 

Women Have Spoken


Men. Men. Men......... 

Open the car door for your woman won't make you a lesser man.

Close tooth paste tube after use. You lift up toilet seat won't put it down, why? 

Let her know where you've been or going, not vague non-committal ' I'll be back soon'.

Can you remember the last time you kissed your woman, tell her I love you? 

While you could be fancying your woman's friends, your friends could be making tit4tat similar moves too at your woman. 😜 Stuffs happen, yep! Man or woman respect yourself. 

Women in intimate strong relationships need assurance, trust, respect not endurance, heartache and disrespect. 


In 1984, my dad promised to buy me a brand new little car (Fiat or Peugeot) when I graduate. I knew I wasn't going to wait that long having had other plans. Through my Sierra Leonian friend Alberta Mcvoy, I was quickly introduced to a car garage man in north London. See, I started learning how to drive between studies in 1983, before I bought a cheap car to improve my driving skill. Though it was years later I got UK full licence. 

My parent had no idea I was driving around London in an old rusty little car without an MOT on provisional licence. One of those crazy student days stories I rarely forget so my first car FIAT UNO came from cars graveyard in Enfield, North London, a jalopy at £50 that cost me more to repair than what I paid for it. 😂

Relax With a Glass Of Crispy Sparkling Wine and Fresh Strawberries. So Divine ❤️🥂👌👍

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🤣The car that cost you more to repair it!


   "......... Read it all. Very good.

Your fiat fiasco is a cracker"