A corrupt Nigerian.........

Can't always be people who abuse power- politician, governor, minister, commissioner, senator, councillor. You're also a corrupt Nigerian when you enable enjoy the proceeds illegally acquired from these offices. That also include social media ranters and political commentators, critics of past and present regimes-please hear me out now. If you have any gainful financial affiliation with people in power, you are a corrupt Nigerian because you're an accomplice to illegal source of wealth. 

Women who sleep with politicians and young men who sleep with their wives for money, you're corrupt. Shame on you 'cause you're part of the problem we are facing in Nigeria today by encouraging them to steal more money feed your immoral habits because of greed. Before you come on Facebook to attack politicians take a long look at yourself, think twice before you critique. Meanwhile, eternal hell inferno awaits religious scammers - prosperity-pastors-crooks-in-cassock who rob from the poor via10% tithes.

Corrupt Nigerians are past and present key players in national and regional/state politics, from North to South, East and West since Nigeria gained independence 01 October 1960. The outcome being a very corrupt system typified political mayhem and social injustice- Poor health systems, sub-standard education that breeds graduates who cannot string two words together, discrimination, tribalism, poverty, unemployment, political disenfranchisement, election rigging, misappropriation of public funds didn't start today ooooo.

It goes way back to the 70s citing ministerial embezzlement - buying foreign properties for their families. I am still friends with people whose parents stole from our country Nigeria with houses in Swiss cottage, st John's Wood, Golders Green, Mayfair, Knightsbridge in London. One minister has 2 luxury houses and 3 flats in Mayfair. Gifted his married lover one of his flats. A classic case of a corrupt Nigerian. Yes I know because it is true and the lady friend kind of boasted how she bought a house in London in cash. 

This lady commissioner paid cash for a house in London. Nwah! match her commissioner salary with property prices in London. While contemporary critics might be envious of these looters - minister and lady commissioner, both corrupt public servants, probably frustrated by lack of access to our national wealth, given the chance, they will do the same. 

Truth is people are prone to corruption because the system makes it easy for them. Indeed, Buhari's government is just a fraction of the problems we face in Nigeria. How about looking inwards, as a Nigerian citizen shouldn't we also check our behaviour first and foremost? It is about collective responsibility and accountability. As complex and problematic as it is, we can do more to improve current political and economic climates we are facing. Or, can there be any practical solution to this present predicament? I might  just  hope for divine intervention, do you? 

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❤️Well expressed!

Corruption has eaten too deep. We should always look inwards.

 Recycled thief!

....... "they keep moving from one place to the other stealing and doing nothing meaningful for their followers."

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