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First Impression Matters Yet Saying The Right Thing Can't Be Easy....

If your chat up line is still 'do I know you from somewhere? or you look familiar', oga read on! 'cause chat up lines have evolved from 'I am a banker' even when they're receptionist in the bank. 'I work in oil and gas', moving to ' I am interior designer', fashion designer, MUA - make up artist, celebrity chef, sharp suited property tycoons (self-styled estate agents), celebrity photographers. Between these decorations are few unscrupulous con artists. 

A friend is still in court 12 yrs plus over land fraud, a piece of land she bought, same land has been sold to 5 other people as revealed in court papers.  Greed is a great thief ! 

Now we hear 'I am social media influencer' often seen shouting screaming for attention on Facebook and Instagram. Nothing witty. Anything to stay relevant. Dressing scream 'look at me'.

You tubers, bloggers, yeyebrities, name it. They fly to Turkey fix bad dentition, enhance their derriere and tone bleach facials. Botox injection that smooths away wrinkles. Nose augmentation -ultrasonic rhinoplasty recent broadcast from Laura Ikeji about her new nose. Micro fiber eyebrows, extended feline eye lashes pulls men spellbound. And conspicuous Dolly Patton's effervescent wigs adorn almost every Nigeria bank reception desk. These women makeover is a  complete construction that probably takes hours  to get ready for work in the morning. Wearing killer heels! 

And the ones struggling to catch up- women in tight strained panty trousers and ill fitting bras - breast spilling out of under size tops. Embarrassing fake accent akin to Toke Makinwa, Laura Ikeji and Bobrisky. Google search let me know if you can understand what they're saying. 

We are still evolving with time so fast it is hard to keep up yet I wouldn't miss a thing, clearly! Life in a fast pace. Too fast for our own good. We need to slow down. Don't you think so? 





Please Pray For People Suffering from Long Covid-19

YESOOO people who initially recovered from Covid-19 are still suffering the long term effect of the disease. I gathered the symptoms are similar to the ailment except  it  has prolonged  side effects of the treatment. They always feel tired and exhausted. Really sad. 

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