Women Stop Creating Your Own Misery

You can't be that desperate to marry end up with the wrong guy. So pathetically insecure you pick anything to settle down. Or join dating agency end up with a potential rapist, or a murderer. Stop the lousy pick of men by ignoring the red flag warnings.

Women in full pursuit of marriage will end up with just any man anything even when he continously plants a seed of mistrust. Unah no dey hear? Being alone is better than being with a no-hoper.

Agree, there's no perfect man unless you really believe in santa Claus! Better to dodge the bullet early than stick to deadbeat relationship. If he is bad, he's bad, never go into a relationship thinking you can change the other person. Dumb! dumb! dumb! Especially when trust issue is leaning on the 'casanova' side. People cheat 'cause they choose to not because of the partner. Cheating is universal sadly too painful to be on the receiving end. Trust issue is unhealthy. Insufferable twit! Stop holding out hope on a no-hoper. 

Maybe it is time to grab a mirror do some reflection especially women who act as if they are blindfolded on a galloping horse unsure where they're heading to in a relationship. And those heartless ones who fight with their married lover's wives shame on you. What makes you think you can reap where you did not sow?

............... 4 years on you're still waiting to join your husband abroad

Waitng for him to process your green card. 4 years both of you are still celibate? Rely on Skype and live video. Unhappy for 4 years waiting for 'abroad' husband. 

Forgetting people change once focus is on someone's else. And the 'abroad' husband will seriously swear he has been celibate for 4 years. Eventually you arrive after 4 years, face shocking surprises- your 'abroad' husband's baby mamas and unresolved immigration issues.  You found out more lies - he wasn't afterall a CEO of non-existent company.

Turned out he has been lying dressed the part before he leaves home for work in the morning, later changed to tracksuits doing rounds of unlicensed taxi. I've heard too many weird stories....mbok. Ladies take heed, screen your 'abroad' husband before you marry him. Ask questions first or accept a marriage in tatters when you're involved with cast-off boyfriends decent women don't want. 😜


External Optimists Take Note 😎

So many SHIPS in life can take you to nowhere. Be it friendSHIP or relationSHIP. Leave before you sink in the SHIP.


....... Pray For Peace In Nigeria. Whatever Is Going On Right Now Requires a Special Prayer 🙏

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....I love the title already.🙂

Good morning. Not one lie was told! Spot on.

They think they can reap where they did not show. Some people call them "husband snatcher"

.... "Tell them" 

... " that's correct 👌👍

... "True true what one could not change before cannot be changed after. It truly not good to settle because there is not the right person out therei just believe in God who authors everything at the time frame. Everybody has their on Time and man by God grace. If only patience can be applied.""

'4 years on you're still waiting to join your husband abroad"🤣

Nice read as always!

"many women love misery, and that's why they'll never take heed even if the signs are as obvious as Buhari's promise of change on a billboar"d.