My Personal Message To Young People

If you are a young person struggling to survive life. 

  • Those in minimal or low pay jobs struggling to make ends meet, you're showing courage and strength. You'll reap the fruit of your labour sooner or later. 
  • Others looking for paid jobs, don't give up. 
  • Knock on doors with all the boldness you possess. 
  • Don't be discouraged by rebuffs and rejections.
  • Take any job to survive,that puts food on the table, pay rent, help your parent until you find something better.
  •  Don't Let Prolonged Joblessness Tempt you To Illegal Activities  
  •  Internet Fraud- Are you proud to be another Hushpuppi? Live in glamour, caught disgraced? Shame your parent, friends and family.
  • Drug Dealing-risk imprisonment and criminal record, stigmatised for life with a bad name.
  • Prostitution - meet rich men and women for Cash-For-Sex sessions in hotels. Will you look at yourself in the mirror each time you get paid for sex be proud of yourself? Ashawo Man. Ashawo woman.
  • Armed Robbery- there is absolutely no reason to be a THIEF! the calculated risks- killed on the spot, sent to prison if you're lucky to be alive. 

 Stop The Excuses 

Other young people are doing well. You see them every day serving you in the ministries, banks, hospitals, airports, in government buildings. What Is Your Excuse? We're tired of hearing there's no job. If you don't want to work for people, then start your small business until you grow and expand. I know people who started with nothing later grew big.

In Nigeria, Mujisoto Investments in Banana Island, Lagos started as a petty trader in Lagos selling mobile phone accessories. Richard Branson (Virgin), late Steve Job (Apple founder), Bill Gates (Microsoft), and of course Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook. They weren't passed on wealth as Donald Trump. 

Accept criticisms. Focus on the tasks ahead. Don't get distracted on negativity. All will be well with you. Indeed, I've come a long way my people, today, I am AMAZON and WATERSTONE best seller. Also, I write for high profile public figures with or without my name on the articles/publications though most times I use a pseudonym. Don't let anyone kill your dream. 

                                                    S H A L O M 🙏






15. May, 2021