💣Things People Won't Tell You 💣


When your shoes are on the wrong feet.. 


Lipstick on your teeth.. 


A white pokey snort on your nose, that jagged uncomfortable look! 


That listening to Pres. Buhari is like a badly tuned radio station - dry rasping sound! 


LAI Mohammed' s speech slotting into place like a jigsaw piece...... a child struggling whimpering first few words. 


That the rear empty seats in aeroplane are reserved for dead passengers. Yesooo. 


That your new sugar daddy husband will be snoring throughout your wedding night. Besides, what did you expect? 


Your FIRST TIME! Don't ask me please. ...


Your mother-in-law won't like or hate you. You smile respectfully as humanly possible. Me! I make sure we don't sit too long in the same room, often feign an instant headache! 


..........Say What You Like About Me! I Was Born To Share Creative Writing And I Enjoy Every Moment Of It. Ding -Dong👍✅

Things People Won't Tell You Plenty!   

Don't Speak Ill of The Dead- RIP T B Joshua 🙏

Nigerians spewing evil at TB Joshua, una weldon oooo. Among are those who've gained from him. They sing praises same breath won't waste time to slag you behind your back.

The type guaranteed to sink deep in the pit of hell, forever wallop in their misery. This isn't the right time to judge whether he was a genuine or fake pastor. Why is it so hard to wish him a peaceful rest leave it at that?