Let Me Describe Myself

As perceived by my parents - gentle, subtly stubborn. Aah stubborn, and outspoken with strong opinion. Outspokenness that had gotten me into trouble few times, yet I waggled my way out, don't ask how?  I might add I don't follow trend, I am single minded. Proudly enigma. 

About My Mother and Father

My BIO will be incomplete without including my parents in the narrative.  My siblings and I address our mother by her name, Eka (short for Ekaette) that's sooooooo unconventionally african. Her full first names are Grace Ekaette Afiong.  My stubborn trait is proof that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree while I am firm but fair with my kids. Close and tight knit. 

My mother is strict with old school parenting. Nsikak, my nephew nickname for my mum is OLD SCHOOL. I wasn't allowed to use nail polish at 19 yrs or join my peers at Sunday Jump in Calabar though in Port Harcourt I laboured few sneakouts with my girl pals. My mother's background in colonial teacher's training college clamours toeing the line. 

She reads and listens to BBC World Service everyday! She's getting to 90 years. Yes! She has read all my books. She said Chapter 10 - My Grandmother's Coconut's Oil brought on the waterworks! where I vividly recalled my childhood at 9 yrs thereabout.

My dad was cool occasionally would raise his voice I guess to please my mum, sooner mitigate pass us sweets to placate or soften the blow. He was the best dad Ever! who was hugely successful in his career. Very clever and intelligent man he was. RIP

My Debut Book - First Of My Three Publications