L O N E L I N E S S - How We Can Stay Connected With Friends And Family✅👍👌

            Forget about the buzz of life outside your home. Many people are lonely, yearning for companionship. You hear people say they're lonely in a crowd happens when they interact less or are ignored. 

I know a very rich Nigerian lady in London that talks to herself on the phone. An eye witness in her home spread the news that she has been  having imaginary telephone conversations with herself. I mean pretends to talk to someone. Sad that people are self-talking  to create a presence. Please people, pick up your phone check on friends and family, if possible, visit them. 


Join Church Group, Book Club, Gym, Or Do Volunteering Work To Meet New People.

I didn't include DATING AGENCY, 'cause I detest such desperate move where you'll risk fake identity to lure women. Some Nigerian women here in the UK use dating agency and escort (ashawo) agency. Another topic for another day. Nah loneliness dey cause this or abi nah desperation for cash? Each to their own until you invite rapists and armed robbers to your home. Just saying. 

Don't waste precious time connected all day to social media chatting to strangers strain your eyes. Having a physical contact with real people friends and family is the key. 

Divorce, widowhood/ widower hood and failed relationships are triggers for loneliness yet, don't meet the wrong people for the wrong reasons.