Are You Houseproud? I Mean How Clean Is Your Home?

Yes Covid-19 has made us stepped up on cleanliness. Flick a duster over the chairs, settees, chase the cobwebs away.

Let's share tips of home cleaning ladies and gentlemen, shall we?

Men please lending extra hands around the home won't make you a lesser man. Ladies, keep them busy so they don't start wandering around, up to no good.  

Old toothbrush and cleansers work wonders on stains and grime. Please buy bargain tooth brushes in dollar or pound shops instead of used brushes. YUK!!! Tooth brush reaches corners where stubborn grime and stains had settled. Where big cleaning brushes can't reach. A beg how much unah go pay me for these free advice?

Shop wisely. I don't spend more than a £1 for cleansers. Again, get them cheaper at Cash & Carry superstores.

Carpet Cleaning

This is a 6 year old cream carpet. It should maintain its original COLOUR at all COSTS. 2 Yearly cleaning service is affordable. Yes! Unless your priorities are misplaced.

Don't go cheap! Get a professional carpet cleaning company with powerful efficient appliances tough on stains and grime. I get my home fumigated every 2 years. No! it isn't a luxury, it is an absolute necessity after lockdown stuck at home carpets and rugs had taken all the hard wear. I can't stand a dirty carpet. We need to get our priorities right.

Almost indispensable. Has a powerful effective cleansing chemical agent. I use the juice for deodorising kitchen area or freshener. Slice into two halves, sprinkle salt on it, place on a table or worktop it will get rid of food odour.

Fresh lemon cut in halves , sprinkled with salt absorbs food odour around the kitchen area. Or use lit scented candle under a very watchful eye. DO NOT LEAVE A LIT CANDLE UNATTENDED PLEASE to avoid fire hazard.


Dust, dust. Go to dollar/pound shops or 'bend down 'market stalls buy bargain furniture polish, windolene glass cleanser shines with lingering fresh aroma.

.......Please No More Shower Curtains Horror Stories You Can No Longer Tell Its Original Colour Or Prints Blurred With Stains And Grimes. Why Oh Why?

Take Note

Be houseproud but don't force your visitors to take off their shoes at the door before they step inside. You're rude if you insist, copycat keeping up appearances even when you live in fleapit. 

I got the shock of my life when an invitation turned an embarrassment. London based Igbo Naija woman rudely ordered me to take off my shoes, handed me a cheap rubber slippers to wear 😢

Visitors to the Queen of England's royal palaces don't take off their shoes. They are treated with respect than what we get from these rude Naija oddballs clueless about hospitality. 

A quick run of hoover on the carpet when your guests are gone might safe all the embarrassment and friendship.  Unah well at all? Stop harassing your guests. Don't invite people around if you don't know how to host them. 

OCD sufferers - I mean Obsessive Cleaning Disorder folks who will rudely lift your feet to hoover, cover their settees with head rest, irritatingly wipe away everywhere seriously need to see a psychiatrist. Pray for them. 

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...... ' 😂😂😂😂 True talk my sister. Some households don’t even know what is called dusting. If you look under their TV stand or even shelves heeps of dust oo. Tell them to keep up with dusting after this period ooo whether men help or not.

'.                                           ****, 

........' They will spend more for the latest lace aso ebi. but won't buy duster for £1😌''.....