You're Part Of The Problem😎 Yes I Am Talking To You.

Naked Truth, just like My Face Without Make up 😜

An average Nigerian is as corrupt and selfish as the government we keep blaming day in day out. Collective responsibility/ or accountability is key to peace, law and order from the top of governance right to the average man in the street.

Until then, corruption will continue to seep through every fibre of our society. Drain our national wealth, misappropriate our resources and services to few while the majority sink in poverty. Come next election, some of you  reading this post will be lobbying for vote-for-cash-stuffed-in-Ghana-must-go. 

Essentially, we're part of Nigeria woes. Opinion might differ, yet truth always stand out like a soar thumb! We need to look inward before raising a pointed finger at those in power. Much we would rather ignore when the leader of our country spoken words often come out  before he could edit his brain.


...................... Lauretta Onochie Is The Reason Why I Fear Nigerian Women Politicians

Remember her? Former presidential aide has now denounced PDP and APC non-aligned Like the straits of Gibraltar and Madagascar. 

Last But Not The Least....

Pentecostal 'born again' churches outlandish claim 'your helper will locate you' should stop misleading their followers. Why are people still paying attention to these crooks in cassock? They target the most vulnerable in our society especially our youths. Forgetting that our Youths are not lazy. They're restless, at a crossroad. Please help our youths whenever possible. 


Stay Safe Wear Your Face mask🙏