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A Gentle Reminder

Without Prejudice - I mean without claim to have known Eme, or claim for being his college mate, relative (cousin, brother, sister niece, uncle, auntie), please I am saying this again with due respect, his burial is strictly by invitation only.

Burial reception is for close friends and family therefore please don't bring extra people tagging alone on the invitation. We have submitted a checklist at the reception to ensure we meet rules and terms of the contract at the reception venue. Don't bring uninvited guests along mbok.

God knows I would love everyone to be there but it isn't possible. Please don't subtly remind me to include you hence why I am sending this message. Reception capacity is strictly 100 people therefore it is not possible to exceed limit. I will send invitation a week before his burial which will be Friday, 15 October 2021.

Thank you very much.

🙏Akon Margaret Kalu🙏


Sad that we live in a world people have opinion of those they don't know.