Death - Culture Conflict

A culture that constantly erases a woman's voice is irritating, misogynistic and patriarchal. Does that even make me a first grade feminist? No! 

To address this in clear terms, unapologetically, I am a woman with a voice that cannot be muted by tradition and culture. I am a woman whose husband proudly elected the supreme authority in the family that didn't diminish or limit his status as the head of the family.

Why can't women understand that tradition and culture were designed by men since ancient times for their benefits. A control mechanism to manipulate women, voiceless and submissive. No woman should be appendaged to primitive culture that downgrades women - favour and elevate men. Quote me biblical verses (keep it short and simple mbok!) where women are forbidden to voice out certain concerns? And please be gentle with me.

Let me conclude that a culture that undermines your fundamental rights as a woman is barbaric and outdated. So savage it is worse than slavery. Who are these men lecturing me about culture? I mean- any nonsense oral tradition that is void of written manuals is a farce. Fuck culture. 

Have a nice day everyone.


Akon Margaret Kalu😥   


WhatsApp Comments

....... "Wonderful write up. No doubt women are treated less favourable in all RAMIFICATION especially when it comes to the death of a husband. I hope the ugly ideas will eradicated as a matter of urgency & legality.

Akon please look on the brighter side. Let nothing worry u..... "


......" My dear sister how are you this morning, hope alright. You are right but please don't let these culture people pull your legs. Just keep being strong and keep quiet untill we bid our final farewell toEme. You don't need all this nonsense right now. Please be calm, plan your beloved husband's funeral, everything will be fine. Just ignore the cultural people. What ever you do people must talk. At the end of the day what matters is what you want to do and how you want to do it. God is with you in Jesus name Amen."

............" Cultures should be flexible and progressive. It's the 21st century and old tales should be recounted for literature sake not for enforcement in modern times... "


Absolutely, any culture that violates the protected rights of any citizen including a woman, just because she is a woman is a breach of the equal protection provisions of section 42 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (as amended). It is also obnoxious, unfair, and an aberration to equity and good conscience and must be condemned in very strong terms. Thankfully, the Nigerian Courts are proactive and very progressive in doing away with customs and traditions with chilling effects on the rights and respect for women. Time to move on! I urge ALL to join the train...... "... From Akwa Ibom State High Court Judge - Justice Tessa Obot 🙏

.........." . I wish that could come true to all those women who are oppressed by their culture, men, religion or just political bias."

#wemove #saynotowomenoppression

Having Completed A Book On FEMINISM ( out in December 2021) Commissioned By A Very High Profile Public Figure In Nigeria, I Will Embark On A Campaign - Speak, Lecture, Rally - Mobilise Every Opportunity To Highlight The Plight Of Women, Especially Widows Oppressed By Primitive Culture.