Gender Imbalance

Is high on my agenda this week my husband will be laid to rest hence why  I am advocating for women especially widows. Claim your right in decision-making including your husband's funeral/burial arrangement.

Reject aggressive superior dominant male tone to frighten you, keep you quiet. 

Don't argue with them - stand your ground firmly - unapologetically. Listen calmly when they bark out orders 😂 aim to intimidate you to submission.

Remember, dominant male aggressive behaviour comes from a very dark place - insecure fragile men.

Know your right, challenge any injustice target to oppress you. Access your right, I mean, if necessary, put your case before the civil court. Please do not take your case to those old witches in 'pallaver' village court.

I don talk amooooooo

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....."thanks for sharing your blogs which I have been quietly enjoying. Margaret, I must say I am now fully appreciating what Eme always said about you, that you are a strong and virtuous woman. l now fully agree with your stance against some aspects of African culture and the despicable treatment of widows. Some of our people, particularly those who claim to be family and close friends of the departed tend to forget that the widow needs support, understanding and space to grieve her loss; not overbearing interference.

I sincerely hope that your blogs on this issue with turn into a book one day. 

Keep it up and may God continue to comfort you, the children and grand children.... "

............Architect - Mr Godfried Addo


"let the truth be said. I hope our cultural ideas change towardsWidows. Some brothers/sisters in-law and other husband's relative are always fond of introducing certain things when their broda dies, not considering that the his widow has much of the say in the matter. All I feel is pity for them. They can do that in the village but not all widows will tolerate even so in the village.

Tnx for sharing thoughts which might tally with other widows if not all.
Bless.... "

Lady Lolo Oriaku Fidelia Nwaneri