Is there any time frame to grieve? First hear my views on widowhood. Please listen to the end.

Tell And Show Your Loved Ones You Care While They're Alive Not After They're Gone

People tell me ' I really miss Eme you know'. When you don't see, hear from loved ones, please ask. 

A Big Shout out to Calabar Union, London, UK For their generous Donation In Honour Of My Late Husband, Late Chief Eme Igwe Kalu. Much Appreciated.

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Anyway one may not understand especially if they are not wearing same shoes.

My take is that everyone deals with bereavement and mourning in various ways and nature must take its course whether people like it or not.

Just do your thing regardless of people's opinion and what they say or have to say.

Eme is totally aware that he was well sent off and that his family is still mourning his absence.

God give u all strength.

Rip Eme Kalu. ".  ...... (Lolo Oriaku Fidelia Nwaneri)