Men, How Is Your Waterworks?

Prostate cancer is rampant among our black kinsmen. Kpekus 24/7 with Konji (casual) sex partners won't reduce the risks might just strain tired old waist 😜. Go see your doctor. My humble adviceooooo. 

How GREEN Are You?

It doesn't necessarily mean the veggies you eat or eco-conscious climate. To safe you tedious elaboration - metaphorically speaking, I mean how well are you? Might be our eating habit - targets eco-friendly environment. Or, we should eat more plant-based food - less meat - more kenkey, amala and injera less shaki, kpomo, roundabout, what have you? Order my books at Waterstones, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and bookshops worldwide. Google search my name Akon Margaret Kalu. 



Ladies.... My Lovely Ones Easy On Me With unnecessary Stress..

Gender discourse can be tricky tough one to understand, yet, try read my write ups to the end before you jump the guns critique me on WhatsApp. Is it hormones that can trigger exhaustion, dry vajay, sweaty sleepless night? Take your HRT tablets, exercise, eat well and relax that's if you have not already blamed your wicked village people. I come in peace. 

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WhatsApp comment 😍

".. Good to see you raising awareness of such a disease xx... "

Simon Rodd