...... The Bare Bones Story Of Women's Head Shaved & More Widow Rituals

Make it a happy story - not necessarily doom and gloom between too many of the followings- Read on please.

Bible Verses/Inspirational Quotes splashed in my Inbox in speed faster than Boeing 747 were few life stories I had to contend with. Viral shouty videos, bible verses, prayer audios on average 15 a day were sent to me. Too overwhelmed that unsettled me, revved me to file them in a box in my head 'DO NOT OPEN'. 



Widows who've been there and seen it all descended on me, except two who were so gracious respected my space, said very little while the rest overbearingly dished out advice including 'get a personal assistant to pick your calls'. I kid you not! My naija people drama no dey carry last ooo😂. My neat-freakery side eyes couldn't stop her so I left her to rattle on. I am giggling so much right now while typing so expect typos.


And when those 25 unrelated 'brothers' turned up in colourful chieftain regal with walking sticks - self-importance ooze to those they can deceive. That pre-funeral meeting in my living room was a desperation to give me the hard sell of culture and tradition only a fool would fall for. I know get time mbok! 

See, how writers like to turn situations to stories when some busy body-turned-advisers-imposters charade in various forms. 

 Las! las! 

Have you heard a certain tribe in Nigeria widow rituals include head shaved soon after interment of husband's body. Widows forced to drink dirty water from husband's washed dead body!! 😎And widows re-marry her late husband's brother. Virtually kpeku you, have children with you! Tufiakwa!!! 

Recently, a friend told me how she was forced to shave her head against her will in Abonnema, Kalabari tribe in River state, Nigeria. That she must declare all her late husband's assets - properties and bank accounts to them- in-laws. She virtually escaped death back to London. Showed me her shaved head. That's her last trip to her late husband's place in Nigeria. 

It is oppressive and barbaric. Stop it now.  

Please share your stories here. 

 #IdodgedTheBullet #MyLifeFirstBeforeTradition