Friends And Family Living In Diaspora Listen To The End

  • Holiday trips might help to introduce your children to the culture of your country, but we need extra measures to get them better equipped. Teach your children your culture and tradition. 
  • Introduce bilingual so they speak both or more languages on daily basis rather than stick to one language (monolingual).
  • Ensure they learn to cook and eat our indigenous food. Essentially, learn more about our food culture. 

Feel free add- more suggestions please. 


WhatsApp Comments From My Late Husband's Nephew

........ " This is so sweet to listen most especially from you. I have always wanted to ask why my cousin brother Igwo isn’t close to the family and the African culture . 

Abiriba has the richest cultural heritage in west Africa . Am working with the ACIU committee on how to educate our children in diaspora the Abiriba culture and tradition..... " (sic) 

Good afternoon Ma