Do You Tell Your Partner Everything?

Most couples rarely do, few have, unsurprisingly, majority hide a lot from wife/husband/girlfriend /boyfriend. Even the most bonded couple, presumably, fit together like a pan and a lid, still hide secrets. Purchases hidden in the boot of the car for days! White lies-turned black when found out, and so it goes. Price hack on a designer handbag he will never know the actual price. All of which , I am unashamedly guilty. Must I tell him everything unless you're 'mumu'. 

Do you tell your partner everything? Did I? Unapologetically no! Am I obliged /duty bound to divulge everything to him? Perhaps yes! though most unlikely. Yet, I am not clear, and I usually am why some people tell their partners everything. Wait till the relationship goes sour. Truth is I owe nobody no explanation how I live my life. If I don't pry on you, I expect you don't. 


Have You Written Your Will?

Sorry if I sound morbid. Not many people do if my presumption is correct. Just another chat I recently had with a lawyer friend, Jenny Chika Okafor. Written Will  eleviates problems far complicated than Krypton Factor. Don't ever trust family members entangled in various disagreements until a civil court, village people mediate or step in for truce. If you have not written your Will, please do so now 🙏. 


Oron People Please Show Respect For The Dead

A guy from my place recently passed away in the US, now it seems gossip has replaced respect for the dead. Once death is announced, Oron continuous partnership with gossip rear its ugly head amid the condolences / tributes. More gossips are what I am hearing- less fanfare on his achievements. Death and gossip go with the saying never leave a goat and yam together - you know who the predator is, don't you? 

Sunday Expo (Express) 's family, Ita Etim Edet and I are savaged by Oron gossip. Lest we forget, death is the inevitable that knocks on every door, be careful you could be the next gossip. Rest in peace Ita Etim Edet 🙏. 

I will consistently use my platform hold naughty people to account. If they step out of line, they'll be the next topic. Stay in line.