Videoing Birdsong In The Back Garden


The best tune to start the day when birds quack tit- whit- tu-too announcing the dawn of a new day.

Unbeknown to these creatures lurked in big trees by my bedroom, I am bird watching hiding behind the blinds when air is rich with birdsong.

The quack and squeak lessen as daylight breaks. Their fluttering feathers flapping and darting on the branches, unaware of my inquisitive eyes. Pointed peak poking on the leaves searching for food, so I guess.

A break from repeated news from the Ukraine war when you turn to nature is mesmerising, refreshing, exhilarating, a good start to the day.

Know when to tune off from bad vibes.

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Listening To Birdsong Is Better Than Repeated Coverage of Ukraine News Don't You Think?

Book a Holiday! Get Away From Bad Vibes We've Been Bombarded Lately If You Can Afford It.

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