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Why You Shouldn’t Bring Marriage And Relationship Issues To Social Media

People in the public eye in Nigeria are shamelessly flaunting their marriage woes on social media. Nkechi Blessing Sunday, Fani Kayode and his estranged wife are at each other's throats.

Mercy Aigbe and David Okike are turning to social media instead of friends, family and therapists. They cry, curse, name shame! The addiction to the attention they get won't solve their problems.

Posting relationship drama on social media is unhealthy - a dangerous platform to address marriage and relationships break down. Nothing is achieved except notoriety -an educated guess as you can imagine.

Be careful, the internet never forgets!

Besides, it takes a purposely patriarchal-orientated stand from the likes of F F Kayode to deprive a mother of seeing her kids.

Why revenge is a thief. It robs you of all the positive attributes you have as a person. A clip from the full video (above)