Hiking In Crystal Palace is Fun and Healthy

See dinosaurs behind me ๐Ÿ˜

Away from all the noise, I spent glorious sunny Saturday in the heart of woodlands, lake, and parks where my follow hikers and I completed 2 hrs non-stop hiking uphill and downhill from Crystal Palace Park, Sydenham Hill to Forest Hill between rolling hills and woodlands.

Walking on a fast pace can't be easy! At the bottom of the hill, you look up, climb up, no chance of turning back down the steep slope. You rely on hiker boots or comfy trainers to navigate your way through tricky pathways. If you fall, you fall, get up fast, move.

Not even a chance of catching your breathe in a group hike when the expert hikers are moving faster than you. You either push yourself to catch up, or face the shame of trailing behind them.

The joy of breathing fresh natural air away from the city pollution make up for the trek that lies ahead. You are wrapped in glossy leafy foliage between oasis of lake and river.

The experience is worth every aches and pains you feel the next day. My knees, waist and ankles took the battering after wading through shrubs and gravels in a stretch of uneven landscapes can't be for the faint-hearted. Definitely not a stroll in the park!

Hiking shifts excess body weight, tones your legs. Yes! Firm tone Join a hiking club around you. Google search one in your country, town and city.

A young Nigerian lady based in Abuja on Facebook does it around big cities in Nigeria - Lagos, Abuja, Enugu, etcs. They usually end the hike with a picnic of jollof rice!

Video is only 3 mins, watch to the end. Touch and zoom video.

Epping Forest, Oxford, Eastbourne, Canterbury Are Few In The Long List of Hiking Events Lined Up In The Summer. Inbox Me If You Want To Join Us.

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Above 85 years old fast hiker in our group has been hiking over 20 yrs, every week consistently.

Outdoors with nature in a group walk with friends. Chit chat away our worries and problems of life.