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Why Women Should Walk Away From a Bad Relationship

I don't understand women who are still in a relationship that is toxic and unhappy.

You want to be happy, not sad. You want an exclusive relationship without a third person coming between you and your man. You don't want it crowded with other participants known or unknown to you. 

Another weak excuse when you hear people say they are sticking it out because of their children. Hmmmm I think your kids would rather see you end a bad marriage than suffer with them in it.

If you are financially independent, why won't you walk away from a man who doesn't treat you right? 

It is almost as if nothing can keep a man at home, absolutely nothing can stop his 'third leg' wandering around.

Equally, reasons abound why women hang in there, put up with rubbish, if that is the case, please share your thoughts in the comment section below 👇

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