Waiting for the group at Snaresbrook tube Station

A Walk Trip From Leyton Flatlands, Via Wanstead Forest To Epping Forest, Essex

I am unsure what to expect at Leyton flatlands. Could that be flatlands without hills and steep landscapes? Where I don't have to walk uphill catch my breaths between uneven landscapes? I shall find out later.

I am writing this post on board Central Line (the worst London Underground!) heading to Snaresbrook, Wanstead, East London, a place I have never been where the walk starts to Epping forest, Essex. A place where lions have been sighted, wandering about! Jesus! I call on you to protect your child from this evil beast! 

That aside, Wanstead is a lovely quiet green suburb perfect for green walk where a friendly Al Fresco restaurant owner allows me to charge my phone. A good start to the journey ahead couldn't be better.

Indeed, the walk is taking us through flatlands, no steep slopes, no staggering uphill and downhill. Just a swift walk surrounded by overgrown parks, open spaces, grasslands, lakes, forest and woodlands. Las las, no sight of 🦁lion prowling around. So much to London tabloid's sensationalism. I am enjoying myself away from the city noise and pollution. I might ask, is the musician Rod Stewart still living around Epping Forest?

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It is only 4 mins video. Please watch to the end.. Touch and zoom to size.

The birds are upset we've invaded their inhabitants. Squeaks and quacks raining in wondering the hell why we are here.

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.......... "Excellent! I’m fascinated by wildlife and very much interested in hikes. Beautiful" - Linda Fubara


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