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Part 2 of London Hidden Treasures

I promised Part 2 of London Hidden Treasures, today that long circular walk around the City of London hopefully has accomplished it. Kev, is the tour operator extraordinaire. He gives the full lecture, kind of reminds me of my university lectures minus taking notes! 

Do you think you know London very well? I doubt it. Having lived for years in the capital, and as sociable popular my late hubby was, I haven't done enough to discover more about the city especially those places you see often only on the TV, The reality happens when you're physically there to see it for yourself. My people, about time you discover your London, don't you think?

Photo taken inside SALTER'S GARDEN at THE BARBICAN, City of London

First Sighting of Banana Tree or Banana Plant With Baby Banana Debate Rumbling In The Background 😃😃