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Let's Get Fit And Well

Dish the excuse 'I don't have the time! If you're serious and interested, you will make time.

Why pay for a year gym membership and only turn up a few times? Some hang around chatting in the gym.

Others spend more time in the gym cafe than in the classes and the sauna and a hot tub won't go anywhere near the gymnasium to work out. The spa should be a special treat after a good workout you would have thought!

Don't let your negative instinct say you can't for you're able, stronger and more motivated than you think. Laziness shouldn't let the boundless possibilities in you diminish - overpower your pessimism.

No bed is too comfortable to roll out face the day and fulfil your dreams. You are the human resources the best that you hope for, turn your potential into possibilities I dare you!

Nobody says you can't, except you're the one telling yourself not to bother to exercise. A year later, you're out of shape, upset and depressed. Who do you blame?  

See how our negative instincts lie to us, tell us we can't or should wait for the right mood to exercise? I believe you should impact the change that you desire. Take care of yourself.


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