My Take On Women Who Can't Do Without a Lover

Reminds me of Hollywood star, Jennifer Lopez's romances- flipping men like unsteady Nigeria (NEPA) electricity. They appear and disappear intermittently - won't last. She flips to the next romance forget when you buy peanuts,  you get monkeys. 

Is low self-esteem or loneliness making women stick with the wrong guys or stuck in a dumb romance? More  emotionally attached in romantic relationships, slow to let go, on-off-back-and-forth situations. Won't move past 'I can't be on my own' syndrome- needy and vulnerable.

Self-love is vital before one can really and truly move on. You can't force love. Love is arbitrary, often unrestrained and autocratic, an entity, almost unruly. 

Physically and emotionally unattached remain friends chat on the phone - I believe is levelling on stalking. Don't encourage a false sense of friendship. Don't let him stalk you. You are either full on or out! Hanging on to him is delaying the opportunity of meeting someone better. Don't get fucked. Move on.






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