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Book Review

The Girl With Louding Voice by Nigerian Author Abi Dare is International Bestseller!
Don't say I don't support my people or my gender. If the first chapter of a book can't grab me, I will drop the book won't grab it for long, just saying. Set in Lagos, Nigeria, the leading character is an elderly man his 3 wives calls him Papa! 

The youngest wife is 14 yrs old he raped, got pregnant, married later left him has a powerful feminist voice. See! am still on Chap.4 since I started reading it in January! Though, it isn't my style of writing and reading, I'll see it to the end eventually. An old man with three wives - the mind boggles! 

This book has more twists and turns than a plate of spaghetti Bolognese! Gave me non-stop fluttering heart. Frantically turning the pages. If you can't go out with the ongoing Rail Strikes, work from home, spring clean home, finish that book!

Talking of which I didn't like the way this book ended. Sad and depressed, kept me awake all night at stupid o'clock! Every scary details playing in my mind. Yet, knowledge put to good use they say is power. Pick a book and read.

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