Let me start by saying I am a proud citizen of this great nation. I have found myself in many situations where I tilt my head to one side (international sign 'are you okay? ') and sympathize with the most vulnerable. While I don't live there, I am aware Nigeria is where most people are eking out a meager living while the rich have the best existence.

It is where the rich and the poor are plying bad roads, heavy traffic, noise, and pollution. Where luxury cars cruise alongside hop-on hop off Keke nepe straddled passengers wading their way through traffic chaos. Where every move seems like a dance over potholes between sharp intake of breaths and 'driver, a beg drive carefullyooo' anything more than circumstantial at best! as if it is the driver's fault!
Welcome to Nigeria, where bad roads are acceptable and no longer a serious matter.

The main matter is narrowing the gap between the rich and the poor. Universal free education for all. Too many private schools exclusive to kids from affluent homes are widening the gap. The haves and the have-nots are continuously poles apart.

My creative mind is working overtime- the promises on every presidential aspirant's election manifesto. Have they ever kept to their promises? Promises without plans to deliver them. Think about this while you are out there galloping on potholes, or at home flipping NEPA electricity and noisy generator, and if you have running tap water, if not, get the bole hole pumped. This country has been without steady electricity and tap water since its Independence in 1960!

Yet, has had various governments over the past 60 years without any significant change to its infrastructure and basic amenities. Which way Nigeria? Three presidential male candidates without a female in sight are arbitrated and scandalous.  Please let me know why this election is going to be different from the rest we've had in the past. Let's share how this is going to make a difference. Be civil and polite in your response. People with short fuses aren't allowed. Let's go!

While I remain,


Your OBI-dient Servant,


Akon Margaret Kalu


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Congratulations Nigerian Kemi Badenoch's bold move 👋👋👋. The only black person to contest.

Go girl 👋👋👋👋👋