One of London Oldest Churches- All Hallows By The Tower Founded in 675AD

How I Discovered Old London

Like many people living in London, only very few are aware of its hidden treasures. Join a social walk group keen on adventures, you get to see old things unknown to most people living in the capital. Gems hidden in historic old London gothic buildings and many more waiting to be discovered.

We started the walk from Cannon Street Station in the heart of the city of London with city culture thrown in the package as I later found out. Funny thoughts about spiders, cobwebs, creepy crawlies, and dusty old artifacts in dark alleys slowed my steps. 

The irony couldn't be more evident in stunning surroundings, old shops, pubs, and churches in small cobbled streets and alleys. From Leadenhall market where Harry Potter was filmed to the old site of the last surviving medieval City Wall close by Tower Hill gardens where over 5000 plague victims were buried in 'plague pits' mass graves.

The city of London we know is the surface with skyscrapers, the old town hidden in old buildings. A stroll inside All Hallows By The Tower, the oldest church in the city founded in 675AD took my breath away - tensely atmospheric, spooky, the most memorable in a bizarre way.

The Jamaica Wine House, the first coffee house in London once enmeshed in the sugar trade and slave plantation of the West Indies is another historic gem tucked away in a narrow alley. You feel crowded inside small spaces, dank old buildings with low ceilings, narrow wobbly stairs, and poorly lit small rooms. I don't imagine tall people can stand upright in these small buildings. Yet, welcoming curators, group chit-chat as we plod along, and feeling less apprehensive about seeing more people around keeps you going.

Camera lenses flash on the artifacts displayed in sealed-glass cabinets. I am almost tempted to ask who pays for the upkeep of these museums. A bit tired I allowed myself the smugness and sat on a small medieval wooden stool, a piece of history on my bum, resting my achy feet and feeling hungry and tired after a long glorious afternoon, or perhaps what it 

Medieval street signage

Oldest Church Founded in 675AD

Medieval courtroom with small seats, low ceiling.

Can't remember what it is, podium or what?

Old City Wall In Tower Hill

Photos Courtesy: Sharp Lens Of My HUAWEI Phone